4B Wild West Bike Rally

The 4B Wild  Bike Rally was established in August 2009 out of Brownfield Texas.  It was started when Steve's mother was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Not only to help his mother, this bike rally was to help other patients meet their financial needs for Cancer Treatment.  The first Bike Rally was held in their backyard with approximately 800 bikers. In 2010 Steve's Dad was diagnosed with cancer.  Bike Rally was also held at the same location with close to 1700 bikers and between 2000 and 3000 people attend.   In 2011 the Bike Rally had to be moved to a 400 acre location where close to 3000 bikers attended.  The 2012 numbers have not been released yet but I guarantee the crowd grew again.  Not only is the Bike Rally a lot of fun but it is for a great cause.  100% of the proceeds have always and will continue to help cancer patients.

Whips -N- Kisses

Back in 2005, Whip N Kisses started out as the "Ducks".  Starting out just a get together for Halloween at the Daiquiri lounge the guys had decided it would be fun to dress up as an 80's Rock Band for a one time performance.  The crowd's response was so huge that the Lounge asked them to repeat the show again on New Years but to change the name of the band to Whips-N-Kisses.  What they thought would be a one time event then turned into a 4 shows a year party.  For 2 years or so they performed as Whips-N-Kisses on New Years, Valentines Day, one show in the Summer and on Halloween.  After the crowds grew and the word got out, this group of guys decided to take it a step further and do shows full time.  Now they can be found playing different gigs across Texas.  As an 80's cover band you can hear them play music from Poison, Bon Jovi, Billy Idol, Motley Crew and much much more.  Here meet the band:

Baron Blaze-Vocals

DD Starr - Guitar

Lexxxi Steele - Guitar

Ricky Razor - Drums

Bobby Blade - Bass

Sound provided by Steven Pilger - Digitonic Sound

You can come see these guys perform at one of these upcoming events:

The Office, Lubbock Texas, September 1st at 10:00pm

Jakes, Lubbock Texas, September 15th at 10:00 PM

Lubbock Music Festival, Lubbock Texas, September 29 2012

Jakes, Lubbock Texas, October 6th at 10:00pm

Steven Pilger started out running sound at his Church at the age of 13.  He stayed interested and ran sound for several bands and worked just about every bar in Lubbock as a sound tech while buying equipment. In Steven's words "with the help of my business partner Brett Giles, Digitonic Sound officially began in 2007. We were able to run sound for 300 people. We since have upgraded our PA to run 3000 people at concert levels. 4B Bike Rally has only seen half of this system but we will have the full PA for 2013 4B Biker Rally. The rally gets bigger and better every year and we are very excited for next year."


Some of the other vendors that participated was Intimate Expressions, Jaguars, Cast Iron Grill, Strip Club Choppers of Texas and much more......If you were a vendor or know of one that participated in the Bike Rally please go to the contact page or our facebook page and let us know who they are.  I will gladly add them to our website!!

We are really excited and looking forward to the 2013 4B Wild West Bike Rally and hope to see everyone out there to support this amazing cause.  We are still working on more pictures and will be posting them as they are ready, so check back frequently!!